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Nov 12

Operation Play it Forward


Since the Holidays are coming up I figure I will let you know something about me. I hate getting gifts. I mean I seriously don’t like it. I always feel awkward and don’t really know how to thank anyone. I’m much better at giving things than I am at getting them. So when my buddy at the Fire House called me a year ago and asked if I wanted to get involved in his charity drive, it was a no brainer!  He has done this the last 4 years and has had some serious success. He collects new Match Box Cars and Barbie Dolls to donate to the children of active military members. The first couple years went pretty good. Last year went better. We were able to donate close to 4000 cars and almost 300 Barbie Dolls. I’m excited to help him beat that number this year!

What we need…. NEW Match Box Carsor Barbie Dolls still in there original packaging. Just follow those links and it will take you to what we are looking for. If you want to buy a different type of Barbie or different set of cars that is perfectly ok. But I need to get them delivered by December 10. That way he will have time to get them where they need to be.

Please take a few minutes out of you Holiday shopping to donate to this great cause. I want to crush the record we set last year, and you guys are my key to making that happen! You can ship them to me at the gym and don’t forget to take a picture or screen shot and send it to me on Twitter. I will Re-Tweet it and give you a follow. Also give @mekalek a follow since this is his deal and he is putting in serious work.   And if you want to pester Mattel on twitter and get them to make a big donation, I won’t say a word :) It didn’t work last year, but it’s always worth a shot!  (@mattel)

Now let’s make this happen people!  Spread the word! Thanks in advance for your donations!

Ship To Me: 6900 Granger Rd.

                           Independence, OH 44131